A Gluten & Dairy Free Thanksgiving Everyone Will Love

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This post comes to us courtesy of food writer and editor James Schend, blogger at Dairy Freed


When most of us begin planning for Thanksgiving dinner, we typically think of a huge feast with all the dishes our mothers and grandmothers made. They’re the recipes we know, love and look forward to.  But for people on restricted diets, due to allergies to gluten or dairy products, this feast often dwindles down to just a few safe dishes.


Even if you’re having all the same friends and family over for Thanksgiving dinner this year, I highly recommend asking everyone if they have certain foods they can’t eat. You may be surprised at who speaks up.


If you do have someone with dietary restrictions, the first step is to not panic or get upset. I usually hate telling people I’m lactose-intolerant because they usually get flustered and make dishes just for me. The thought is greatly appreciated but it only highlights to everyone that I can’t eat something.  Instead, why not make something everyone can enjoy? Check out our allergy-friendly Thanksgiving menu below. All these great tasting recipes contain no gluten, dairy or even nuts so just about everyone can fill a plate and go back for seconds.

Turkey Two Ways

Cooking the turkey in sections is an easy way to make sure that both the white and dark meat stay tender and juicy.
Roasted Potatoes with Sea Salt
Long, slow roasting in olive oil with a sprinkling of sea salt produces potatoes with a slightly crunchy skin and a creamy interior. Instead of using sage sprigs, you can substitute fresh rosemary.
Green Beans with Sweet-and-Sour Bacon Dressing
Sweet, salty and sour flavors mingle irresistibly in this simple yet bold-flavored dish of green beans dressed in a bacon vinaigrette. Chef Sarah Johannes says these beans are a staple at her holiday gatherings in the Midwest.
Caramelized Cauliflower
When you roast cauliflower, it becomes tender and lightly caramelized and has none of the strong cabbagelike odors that usually develop when it is boiled or steamed. Cauliflower is a late-harvest vegetable. Choose snowy white or pale yellow heads free of blemishes.
Cranberry-Orange Mostarda
Chef Sarah Grueneberg’s introduction to classic Italian mostarda came in the best possible way—in Italy, where she learned how to make apple mostarda. Here, she updates the recipe for Thanksgiving, creating a vibrant alternative to classic cranberry sauce.
Arugula-Orange Salad with Pomegranate-White Wine Vinaigrette
Perfect for holiday entertaining, this salad allows you to make good use of your fancy vinegars. Champagne vinegar, fruit-flavored vinegar or white wine vinegar will work with the sweet and tart taste of the pomegranate and oranges.
Herbed Quinoa & Red Rice Stuffing
A blend of Peruvian quinoa and heirloom red rice, our stuffing mix showcases the hearty goodness of rustic whole grains. Seasoned with aromatic sage, thyme, garlic and marjoram, the savory, naturally gluten-free mix complements both poultry and meats.
Allergy-Free Pumpkin Pie
Using a short list of ingredients, you can whip up a holiday classic that everyone at the feast can enjoy. Free of the top food allergens — including, but not limited to, gluten, dairy, eggs, wheat, corn and soy — this pumpkin pie filling is suitable for vegetarians and vegans as well.


About the author: A graduate of The Culinary Institute of America, James Schend’s culinary career began when he won his first cooking contest at 8 years old. He’s gone on to write and develop recipes for national magazines and culinary websites. His own blog Dairy Freed focuses on the challenges of dairy-free cooking.

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