Aerin Lauder Shares Her Favorite Holiday Tips, Gift Ideas, and the Inspiration Behind Her New Line

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The holiday season is one of Aerin Lauder’s most loved times of the year, which she recalls with a fondness for holidays spent with her family in Aspen. We sat down with the icon to get her favorite holiday tips, her most loved memories of her grandmother, and what she likes to give for gifts at Christmas. Read on to learn more.

1. What’s your favorite memory associated with spending Christmas in Aspen?

“Skiing as a family and a fun fondue lunch at Cloud Nine Alpine Bistro at Highland’s is a great Christmas morning. Aspen is magical and snowy ten months out of the year so it always feels like Christmas.”

2. What’s your favorite holiday memory associated with your grandmother?

“My grandmother loved Christmas. She loved giving gifts to everyone she loved and enjoyed the family time. I remember when I was little and was scared of Santa Claus coming into our house I snuck into her bed and slept with her the whole night.”

3. Why is nostalgia so important to you?

“There is nothing I hold closer to my heart than family time and certain holiday recipes and traditions. Champagne and Christmas cookies on Christmas Eve, opening presents in pajamas and apple pancakes for breakfast.”

4. What’s the inspiration behind this product line?

“I love the idea of red florals for the holidays. Estée had an amazing pair of vintage plates that were the inspiration behind the tabletop collection. I still use them every Christmas.”

5. What are your favorite things to gift others during the holidays?

“During the holidays I like to gift a picture frame with a picture enclosed or a beautiful vase with a festive flower arrangement.”

6. What are your favorite entertaining tips?

“I love to fill bowls with delicious holiday treats, chocolates, seasoned nuts, beautiful homemade chips and Christmas candy. I also like to cover a tray with bowls of treats, a bucket of champagne and decorative cocktail napkins and glasses.”

7. What makes your holiday line with Williams Sonoma so effortless and chic?

“I love that you can mix and match this collection and can go from casual to formal.”

8. What’s the inspiration behind the red and white colors?

“Holidays are about tones of red and festive combinations. What’s more festive than red?”

9. What’s the story and inspiration behind your ornaments?

“I like to gift ornaments because it’s a piece that can be used year after year.”


Head here to see Aerin’s full holiday collection and to learn more about her new line.

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