French Bistro Favorites

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A long-standing Parisian joke contends that locals have two things on their minds:lunch and dinner. Bring the City of Lights to your kitchen with our bistro-inspired recipes and guides to all things French food, from the aperitifs to the beloved fromage.


La Boulangerie
The typical day of a Parisian starts here, when they slip inside their neighborhood bakeries for a freshly baked baguette. Find out what makes each of the classic French breads and baked goods unique.


Le Café
In the afternoon Parisians love to sip an espresso or kir while reading, gossiping with friends, working on a novel, debating politics or just watching the passersby at a café. From a café express to aperitif, find an explanation of each café offering here.


Classic Patissiers
A two-bite treat is the perfect complement to a café au lait or tea. From palmiers to macarons, these recipes will satisfy any afternoon sweet tooth.


Le Fromage
France has been known for its cheese since ancient times. The best way to explore this bounty is to visit the fromageries of Paris, many of them operated by merchants who take pride in stocking only the finest cheeses available; see a typical assortment here.


French Bistro Favorites
Create a simple French meal from these time-honored favorites, meant to be enjoyed with a bottle of wine, good friends and lively conversation. Alternatively, see the links below to browse recipes by individual course and build a menu of your own. Bon appétit!


Bistro Appetizers
Start your meal with one of these staples, from broiled, savory onion soup to a mixed greens salad topped with bread crumb-crusted goat cheese.


Bistro Entrées
This selection of recipes covers the main courses you’ll see on many bistro menus: Croque Madame, Steak au Poivre and Beef Bourguignonne.


Bistro Desserts
Sweet, fluffy soufflés, chocolate mousse or crème brûlée — what better ways to end a French meal?

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