Which Peppermint Bark Is Your Soul Mate?

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We’re going to go ahead and say it: It wouldn’t be the holidays without our Peppermint Bark, especially this year as we celebrate our 20th Anniversary! Handcrafted from triple-distilled peppermint, Guittard semisweet and white chocolate, and crushed peppermint candy bits, our seasonal Peppermint Bark collection is the stuff that sweet dreams are made of.


Now it’s finally back, for a limited time as always. There are more than a dozen and a half different products in our Peppermint Bark collection, so figure out which one’s right for you with our guide below, then stock up while you still can.

If you’re a purist…


…Try The Original Peppermint Bark. Often copied but unmatched in quality and flavor, this confection is made by master candy makers, who pour a layer of melted semisweet chocolate on a marble table, then top it with a layer of creamy white chocolate before finishing it with a snowfall of handmade peppermint candy pieces. Once you try it, you won’t forget it.

If you often find white chocolate too sweet…

The Story Behind Our Salted Peppermint Bar

…Try our Salted Peppermint Bark. This addition to the Peppermint Bark collection is topped with flakes of Jacobsen pure flake sea salt for an even more nuanced flavor.

If you like your chocolate the color of midnight…

…Try our new Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bark. The newest member of our Signature Peppermint Bark Collection showcases layers of Guittard premium semisweet and bittersweet chocolates, plus rich, chocolaty cocoa nibs. 

If you’re more obsessed with potato chips than chocolate…

…Try Peppermint Bark Pretzels. They marry that salty pretzel crunch that we snackers love so much the flavors of white and dark chocolate and peppermint.

If you’re always eating off someone else’s plate…


…For the sake of yourself and others, just skip our standard tin and upgrade to a limited-edition 2-lb box for twice the delight.

If cookies and cream is your favorite ice cream flavor…


…Try Peppermint Bark Cookies. To make these addictive treats, we start with crisp chocolate wafers, then enrobe them in Guittard white chocolate before giving them a shower of crushed peppermint candy.

If you can never resist anything with a good crunch…

…Try Peppermint Bark Paws. For an irresistibly crispy texture, we combine the velvety chocolate with our crunchy peppermint candy bits and crispy cocoa-enriched puffed rice.

If you think everything tastes better on a stick…


…Try our Peppermint Bark Lollipops. They boast the same great chocolate and peppermint flavor of our Original Peppermint Bark in a portable format with festive winter snowflake and snowman patterns.

If you believe there’s no such thing as “too much chocolate”…


…Stock up on our Peppermint Bark Cups, which are packed with more Guittard white and semisweet chocolate in every bite.

If you can’t leave the house without stashing a snack into your bag…


…Snag a bunch of our Peppermint Bark Bites. These individually-wrapped 1.2-ounce slabs of our peppermint bark are all-too-convenient for desk drawers, glove compartments and work bags.

If you’re the indecisive type…


This holiday, we’re celebrating 20 years of our iconic Peppermint Bark. Together, with Visa, we’ve hidden over 1,500 Winning Tickets inside our signature Peppermint Bark Tins, including a chance to win a Grand Prize $1,000 Williams Sonoma Gift Card. Find your winning ticket today online and in stores for a chance to win in every tin! #BarkYeah

3 comments about “Which Peppermint Bark Is Your Soul Mate?

  1. Richard

    I love the Williams-Sonoma Christmas candy and have tried everywhere in the UK to get a hold of the peppermint bark; Smores; and all the other gorgeous Christmas treats, all to no avail. Is there any chance that it will be available to ship to the UK in future?

    1. Williams-Sonoma Editors Post author

      Hi Richard,
      Sadly, some of our perishable items aren’t available for international shipping, like the s’mores, but the good news is that others are! Go to williams-sonoma.com, click at the top right under “Shipping to” and change the destination to the United Kingdom. Click on the “Food” category, then “Peppermint Bark,” and it will take you to a page for our Original Peppermint Bark. You’ll notice that some of the SKUs are not available to ship, such as our bites, but others, like the 1-lb and 2-lb tins, are available to purchase in the UK. Hope this helps!


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