How to Fold a Bunny Napkin in 8 Easy Steps

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The Easter table can be a beautiful thing, shimmering with wrapped chocolate eggs in every color of the rainbow and a gorgeously laid-out brunch. Make even the napkins pretty with this easy bunny napkin fold. Just make sure you have a large, stiff white napkin, and you should be able to pull this off—delighting kids and adults alike.

Bunny Napkin Instructions

  1. Fold a square, large, starched napkin in half, with the open edge facing away from you.
  2. Fold in half again, to form a long rectangle with the edge still facing away.
  3. Smooth out napkin using both hands, starting at center of rectangle.
  4. Find the center point of the napkin. Fold top corners down, towards you, along this line.
  5. Fold two remaining corners away from you, to make an even diamond shape.
  6. Securing right side of napkin shape with right hand, fold left corner (9 o’clock) towards the center of the diamond. Repeat with right corner (3 o’clock), and bring it to meet left edge on center line.
  7. Holding corners in place, flip napkin down and over, seam-side down. Turn up bottom point. Carefully flip back over.
  8. To secure: Fold left and right corners towards center, tightly. Tuck one corner into the pocket of the other near the base to secure. Gently prop up bunny and straighten ears.

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