How to Grill the Perfect Burger, Pork Chop, BBQ Chicken and More

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Want to know how to make the most crave-worthy burger, sear the juiciest steak and cook barbecue chicken or salmon fillets to perfection? With summer finally here, we’ve gathered our best tips for every classic to help you get ready to grill. Our grilling expert Fred Thompson has a simple, straightforward approach to recipes that deliver big flavor. Click on each recipe below for his step-by-step guide to pulling it off with ease. Then invite your friends over, fire up the grill and show off your skills like a pro.




The cheeseburger is an American culinary icon. A good cheeseburger is a pleasure, but a great cheeseburger is an experience, and these tips will show you how to make the best.



Aside from burgers and hot dogs, steaks hit the grill more often than just about anything else. Why? Because it’s just good eating. Here are some tips on how to cook the perfect grilled steak.

Lamb Chop


Treat lamb chops much like you do T-bone steaks: Shoot for a good char on the outside and a juicy, pink center.

Pork Tenderloin


Pork tenderloins are perfect for the grill and for our hectic lifestyles because they cook fairly quickly and can feed a lot of folks.

Grilled Pork ChopPork Chop


The grilled pork chop is a classic. It pairs well with lots of different flavors and has plenty of flavor on its own. But if you overcook it, it can become leathery. Here’s how to do it right.

BBQ Chicken


Classic barbecued chicken doesn’t begin with boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Nor do you want your chicken to be burnt on the outside and raw on the inside, which is what happens to too many cooks. Here is how to fix those problems and more.

Whole Chicken


Sitting down to a whole roasted chicken is popular nowadays. Plus, you get a flavor bonus when you cook it on the grill. These tips will show you how.

Fish Fillet


Most folks like grilled fish fillets, but they don’t like to do the grilling. They fear the fish will stick to the grate and they won’t be able to get it unstuck. Here is how to get past that fear and start grilling fillets at home.



Shrimp pick up a particularly wonderful flavor cooked over fire. The main problem is timing: if you cook shrimp even 10 seconds too long, you end up with rubber instead of great taste. Here is some advice to help the frustrated shrimp griller.



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