How to Peel Potatoes in Seconds with This Easy Kitchen Hack

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When it comes to Thanksgiving prep, every minute counts; the last thing you need is to spend valuable time (not to mention elbow grease) peeling potato after potato. Peeling potatoes isn’t rocket science, but when you’ve got pounds to get through to make mashed potatoes for a crowd it can be tedious, to say the least. Luckily, the Williams Sonoma Test Kitchen has discovered a kitchen hack that will save you serious time and stress. Think you know how to peel potatoes? Think again.


Watch the video to learn how to peel a whole bunch of potatoes in seconds:


 How to Peel Potatoes Really Quickly:

  • Put the whole russet potatoes – skin and all – in boiling water and cook until tender (this works whether you’re cooking 1 or 10 potatoes).
  • When the potatoes are softened, transfer to an ice bath and let them chill out – pun intended! – for 5 to 10 seconds.
  • The potato skin should feel loose. Using both hands, twist in opposite directions – the skin will come right off!
  • Repeat with remaining potatoes and then spend your spare time polishing silver, styling your table, making cute place cards, or just catching your breath!

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