6 Uses for a Spiralizer Beyond Noodles

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For anyone who’s trying to eat healthier, a spiralizer is an easy way to add vegetables to your diet. It’s a wonderful stand-in for ingredients like pasta in classic dishes like spaghetti and meatballs, because it mimics the shape and bite of pasta without the calories and carbohydrates. But that’s not all a spiralizer is good for. In fact, our test kitchen has come up with half a dozen uses for one that don’t have anything to do with noodles!

 Enhancing Stir-Fries

We think this stir-fry would be pretty great with spiralized carrots.


The long, thin texture of spiralized vegetables makes for a surprisingly pleasant addition to stir-fries. Try adding spiralized eggplant (we like the long, thin Japanese kind) to a beef and basil stir-fry, or spiralized carrots to a vegetarian Buddha’s Delight-style stir-fry with broccoli, mushroom and water chestnuts.

Making Gorgeous Spa Water

The next time you’re entertaining (or simply looking for a zen moment), spiralize a cold cucumber and add it to a pitcher of water for the prettiest spa water you’ve ever seen. Don’t overlook fruits like pineapple and oranges, too: These also make lovely spiralized additions to sparkling or still H20.

Instant Curly Fries!

The only way to make the French fry better is to transform it into a curly bite that goes boing! Try preparing a “haystack” of potato, sweet potato and zucchini to serve with homemade or store-bought aioli. (We love to make garlic curly fries, too.)

Beautifying Spring Rolls

Instead of julienning all those carrots and cucumbers for your next spring roll dinner, why not put ’em all through the spiralizer instead? It’ll talk half the time—and look even prettier.

Creating the Most Gorgeous Salads

Make hardy vegetables like carrots and parsnips easy to enjoy in salads by spiralizing them. Bonus: Because they remain so sturdy, you can prep spiralized salads, like this mason jar salad, ahead to enjoy later. See more spiralized salad recipes.

Topping a Tart That’s Sweet or Savory

Our Williams Sonoma Test Kitchen cooks love using spiralized fruits and vegetables to create a showstopping tart. The technique works nicely in this Spiralized Zucchini Tart with Gruyere, as well as with apples or pears for a sweet dessert tart. Or, for something more outrageous, instead of sliced lemons, try thinly spiralized lemons on this homemade prosciutto pizza!

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  1. Jack Kelly

    “The only way to make the French fry better is to transform it into a curly bite that goes boing!”

    You might want to send this sentence back for a re-write. (It claims that the French need to learn to fry better)


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