Test Kitchen Favorites: Fresh Juices & Smoothies

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Inspired by their love of food and passion for health and wellness, our Test Kitchen team launched a Wellness Camp at our headquarters this January, dedicated to teaching Williams-Sonoma employees about little things we could all do to improve our diets and overall sense of well-being. All month, we’ll be sharing some of their favorite tips, from healthy recipe hacks to cooking techniques to small substitutions that make a big difference. Follow along with us on the blog and on Instagram @williamssonoma #wswellness.


Our Test Kitchen cook Sandra Wu is a big fan of smoothies and fresh juices as healthy power-boosters all day long.


“Smoothies make a quick and easy breakfast or mid-afternoon snack,” she says. “The beauty of smoothies is that they’re so customizable. Start with whatever frozen fruit you have on hand (it’s great to freeze extra in-season fruit just for this purpose). Add yogurt, juice, milk, coconut water, or soy/nut milk and a touch of sweetener, if you like—then blend away. We’ve chosen a few of our favorites that utilize a variety of different fruits (and vegetables).”


Our Test Kitchen team also loves making fresh juices whenever they can. “We don’t necessarily think of them as a meal replacement, but as a supplement to our daily routines for an extra boost of vitamins,” Sandra says. “They’re a great way to incorporate additional produce into your diet.”


Ready for a burst of energy? Here are a few recipes to get you off to a fresh, healthy start.


Berry Mango SmoothieBerry Mango Smoothie
Enjoy this healthy energizer no matter what the season. It calls for frozen fruit, so it’s easy to make sure you have all the ingredients on hand.
Pineapple Mango SmoothiePineapple Mango Smoothie
Whip up this golden tropical fruit powerhouse for a quick breakfast or invigorating snack. Pineapple and mango give it an irresistible natural sweetness.
Cranberry Orange Banana SmoothieCranberry, Orange & Banana Smoothie
Combine the season’s freshest fruits with protein-packed yogurt to create a satisfying smoothie. Fresh cranberries add extra anti-oxidants – and a cheerful scarlet hue.
Banana Pineapple SmoothieBanana Pineapple Smoothie
Bring a taste of the tropics to your table – this sunny fruit delight combines bananas, pineapple and coconut water to recreate the island flavors of a piña colada.
Individual Green SmoothieIndividual Green Smoothie
Bursting with the fresh taste of green apples, grapes, kale and cucumber, this nutrient-packed  smoothie makes a great early morning eye-opener or post-workout energizer.
Tropical Berry SmoothieTropical Berry Smoothie
Enjoy sunny flavors and a nutritious blast of energy in this fresh, fruity blend.. This energizing smoothie showcases pomegranate plus four super berries—all free-radical fighters that enhance vitality.
Green Apple, Kiwi & Kale JuiceGreen Apple, Kiwi & Kale Juice
Green juice fans, this is the drink for you! A great combo of uplifting flavors and high-energy nutrients, it includes fresh apples, kiwifruit, kale, romaine lettuce and cucumber.
Blueberry, Blackberry & Pomegranate JuiceBlueberry, Blackberry & Pomegranate Juice
Power up with a nutritious blend that tastes as great as it looks. The bright,  flavor of pomegranate seeds layers beautifully with the vibrant sweetness of the berries.
Carrot & Apple Juice with GingerCarrot & Apple Juice with Ginger
When you need a fresh burst of energy, go for the gold! This healthy golden juice packs a flavorful punch, thanks to a combo of spicy ginger and tangy lemon.
Apple, Beet & Carrot JuiceApple, Beet & Carrot Juice
Make the most of farmer’s market produce with this high-energy juice. For a hint of green color and even more nutrients, juice some spinach or kale leaves along with the other ingredients.

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