A New Tiki Bar Cocktail: Agree to Disagree Punch

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This post comes to us courtesy of writer and mixologist Warren Bobrow.


In a perfect world there would be Tiki Bar cocktails available everywhere. Unfortunately, this is not the case. There are only a few dozen Tiki Bars in the United States — and woe be the drinker who tries to order a Tiki Bar cocktail at their local neighborhood watering hole.

They’ll just get a blank stare — or worse! I know because a few weeks ago, we celebrated National Rum Day. I visited a few local watering spots and asked them what cocktails they crafted with my favorite spirit: rum. There are many places that serve rum, but very few that really know how to weave the stories of the islands one sip at a time.

This Agree to Disagree Punch reminds me of the time I enjoyed one too many drinks while sitting at the friendly bar located by Foxy’s in the British Virgin Islands. Foxy’s has sand on the floor and palm fronds on the ceiling. There are business cards tacked up all over the place. The drinks are strong, and the food is delicious. Looking out over the harbor, you may see a few wooden sailboats. Foxy’s sponsors several wooden sailboat races during the cruising season down in the British Virgin Islands.

Island Time comes easily out here.

You may have been to Foxy’s. If you have, this kind of cocktail will make perfect sense to you. We may agree to disagree on the obvious outcome!

Agree to Disagree Punch


2 oz. Botran Rum

2 oz. Brugal 1888 Limited Edition Rum

2 oz. Denizen Rum from Amsterdam

2 oz. each freshly squeezed lime, orange, lemon and tangerine juices (freshly squeezed is essential)

4 to 5 shakes Fee Brothers West Indian Orange Bitters

2 oz. JM Rhum Sirop of Canne

6 coconut water ice cubes (fill an ice cube tray with coconut water and freeze)

Freshly grated nutmeg

Tangerine slices for garnish

Add fresh ice to a cocktail shaker along with the liquors and fruit juices, then add the orange bitters and sirop of canne. Shake until frost begins to form on the outside of the shaker.

Put 2 cubes of the coconut water ice into each of 3 short cocktail glasses. Strain the punch into the glasses. Garnish each with freshly grated nutmeg and a tangerine slice.

Makes 3 strong cocktails, but how strong are they really? We agree to disagree how strong!


About the authorWarren Bobrow is the Food and Drink Editor of the 501c3 non profit Wild Table on Wild River Review located in Princeton, New Jersey. Warren was an Iron Mixology Judge at the Charleston Wine and Food Festival 2012. He attended Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans in 2011. Warren has published over three hundred articles in fewer than three years since his reinvention from executive assistant in private banking to author. Warren writes with a unique free-form style. He is a writer/mixologist on everything from cocktail flavoring and Biodynamic/organic wines to restaurant reviews. He writes for Edible Jersey, Voda Magazine, Foodista, Tasting Panel, Beverage News and Total Food Service Magazine. Warren is the “On Whiskey” columnist for OKRA Magazine in New Orleans part of the Southern Food and Beverage Museum. He was born and raised in Morristown, NJ on a Biodynamic farm.

5 comments about “A New Tiki Bar Cocktail: Agree to Disagree Punch

  1. julie

    Yum!!!! Sounds refrshing and delicious – and………….what beautiful barware

  2. Laura Martin Bacon

    I have a feeling that most folks would agree to just about anything after a few of these creative concoctions. There’s nothing like balmy tropical breezes and a kicked-back tiki bar to encourage peace and harmony.

    This is a great post for a long, lazy end-of-summer weekend — thanks for the island inspiration, Warren!

  3. Warren Bobrow

    Life isn’t always about being the best, It’s about loving what you do! Thanks to Patti Clauss for putting this into perspective for me. wb


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