Weekend Entertaining: Sicilian Vegetarian Menu

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Gather friends and family to celebrate the market’s best produce in this authentic Sicilian menu. From a fragrant fennel and orange salad to a wild greens frittata, this fresh meal will transport you to the beautiful Mediterranean isle.


Easy-to-serve dishes may be passed around the table to foster an atmosphere of community. Decorate your outdoor table simply, using vibrant oranges and a naturally woven, richly hued table runner to add splashes of color.


Fennel and Orange Salad
Simple and fresh—the hallmarks of Sicilian cooking—come together in this refreshing salad, which features just a few fresh ingredients: oranges, fennel and olives. Buy extra olives and place them on the table in a small bowl so guests can snack before the meal is served.
Chickpea Fritters
These crisp-edged fritters pair perfectly with a chilled glass of Chardonnay, and they’re easy to make at home with only five ingredients. Serve in a lined basket or on a simple platter.
Wild Greens and Cheese Frittata
Greens such as arugula and broccoli rabe are signatures of Italian cooking. This flavorful frittata lets them shine in a vegetarian main course that will satisfy meat eaters, too. Cut the frittata into wedges and arrange on a platter, then pass it around so guests can help themselves.
Gelato alla Crema
Homemade gelato is the ultimate make-ahead dessert for any Italian get-together. This recipe features a hint of orange, but you can also customize it with other fruits, chocolate chunks or toasted nuts. Scoop the gelato into blue-tinged dessert bowls for casual, festive look.

2 comments about “Weekend Entertaining: Sicilian Vegetarian Menu

  1. Audrey Bean

    mmm! I love these fritters. When I went to the region of Sicily, I asked many people if they knew where I could buy them, and no one knew what I was talking about! And yes, I had an interpreter and described what they were. I suppose it may be a very localized item.

    Anyway, these are awesome. I do think they need a dipping sauce and they need to be seasoned right when you take them out of the fryer, and my guests once said the same thing. They have a very delicate flavor, so they need an accompaniment.


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