Weekly Wrap-Up (3/11-3/17)

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In case you missed them, we’ve compiled our favorite blog posts of the week all in one place so you can read, get inspired — and cook!


Extruding Pasta, Demystified
Members of the Williams-Sonoma team offer their best tips for using our pasta press attachment, so you can make perfect rigatoni at home every time.
Don’t Toss Stale Bread! How to Make and Use Bread Crumbs
Many traditional southern Italian pastas are topped with toasted bread crumbs, offering a nice crunch and rich, toasty flavor to the resulting dishes. Follow this step-by-step guide to make your own toasted bread crumbs — a perfect use for the day-old bread in your kitchen.


Ingredient Spotlight: Sicilian Almond Paste
Sicily is famous for its unique, nutty baked confections, many of which star one of the region’s primary specialties: almond paste. Learn what it is and how you can use it to make this Italian Almond Tart.
3 Reasons to Give Anchovies a Chance
No matter how you feel about them personally, it’s impossible to deny anchovies are a powerful tool in the chef’s arsenal, adding pops of subtle umami flavor to unsuspecting dishes. Find out how to prepare them at home, and see how they’re used in a variety of applications.
Quick & Easy Seared Scallops with Oranges
Oranges, scallops and even onions are at their best in the cooler months, so take advantage of winter’s lively flavors before the seasons turn.
Shaping Tortellini (Plus an Early Spring Recipe)
Learn to shape these “little hats” with our step-by-step guide, then try your new skills with a delicious recipe starring spring’s first asparagus.
How to Make Limoncello
This smooth, refreshing and deceptively strong liqueur is easy to create at home with a little time and patience. Try it yourself, then get creative with a variety of citrus flavors.
Beat a Drum for Sicily: Timbale
Find out how one mom combined her son’s love of maps with her own love of cooking, creating an educational — and delicious! — activity.

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