Weekly Wrap-Up (4/29-5/5)

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In case you missed them, we’ve compiled our favorite blog posts of the week all in one place so you can read, get inspired — and cook!


Brunch 101: How to Make a Classic Omelette
Omelettes are the ultimate customizable breakfast dishes — anything goes! Follow these six easy steps for a beautiful, perfectly cooked omelette every time.
Fun Ways Kids Can Cook for Mom
Mother’s Day is the perfect time for kids to get involved in the kitchen. Even if your kids are young, there are plenty of ways they can help out! Try these creative recipes for your Mother’s Day celebration, from morning to night.
Chopped Salad, 3 Ways: The Perfect Bite Every Time
Learn how one chopped salad lover customizes restaurant versions at home in pursuit of the perfect bite.
A Mother’s Day Brunch for Every Diet
Maintaining a vegetarian, gluten-free  or dairy-free lifestyle is no sacrifice come Mother’s Day with delicious spring fruits and vegetables. Find your perfect celebratory brunch menu in the options below, or mix and match dishes to customize your own.
Weekend Entertaining: Cinco de Mayo Celebration
Add spice to your Cinco de Mayo celebration this weekend with our menu, featuring Latin-inspired favorites and self-serve margaritas outdoors. Just grill up the finger foods, set up the margarita bar and you’ll be ready for guests in less than an hour.
Chef Spotlight: Liam LaCivita on Cheese Making
Chef Liam LaCivita is famous for the seasonal, locally sourced cuisine he serves at his restaurant, The Liberty Tavern in Washington, D.C. — as well as his varieties of house-made cheeses. Read his thoughts on making your own fresh cheese here, and try our exclusive recipe from Chef LaCivita.
Meet the Maker: Daron Joffe of Farmer D Organics
Daron Joffe’s line of environmentally conscious farm and garden products grew from his passion to empower everyone, from the backyard gardener to the large-scale farmer, to grow their own nutritious, delicious organic food. Learn more about his company and mission here.
Meet the Maker: Dan Cohen of Green Chicken Coop
Carpenter Dan Cohen built his first backyard chicken coop at the request of his wife — a little one-off project that launched a successful small business. Now Cohen and his team work with local woodworkers to design and build ecologically sustainable coops. Learn more about Cohen and his company, Green Chicken Coop.

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