6 Fans Share Why They Love Pillivuyt Dinnerware

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Those who know and love French porcelain know the name Pillivuyt. The company celebrates its 200th birthday this year, and for good reason. As our senior buyer, Chelsae Smith, says,I love Pillivuyt because it will last a lifetime. The quality is outstanding. It is very durable and will not chip. And the pieces are timeless classics that they will never go out of style. This is the kind of dinnerware you hand down to the next generation.”


Two Swiss brothers, Jean Louis Richard and Charles Pillivuyt, started the company in the early 19th century. Using their family name, they began to make porcelain in the Sancerre region of France. Their work quickly became the choice of royal households around Europe. After WWII, the family company began collaborating with chefs to create innovative, appealing, on-trend shapes. They introduced Pillenium, a stronger, more versatile, porcelain recipe that went on to win awards.

Our customers love it. As one raves of the pasta bowls seen here, “Pillivuyt makes beautiful porcelain dinnerware, and these bowls are no exception. The size is great for individual (and generous) servings of pasta or soup and could also fill in as small serving bowls. These are well worth the investment.” Another exclaims, “I adore these bowls! They are so versatile. We use them daily for soup, pasta, for popcorn while watching a movie, as prep plates while cooking, etc.”


Of their dinnerware collections, a different customer says, “Beautiful looking, well balanced, lovely sheen. These Pillivuyt are especially beautiful. I expect to have them for many, many years.” Another raves, “My husband and I absolutely love this plate setting. From the plates to the mugs, everything works and looks great. How have I lived so long without these?”


We couldn’t agree more. As our Vice President of Brand Marketing, Jean Armstrong, says, “I love my Pillyvuyt because it’s timeless and I can use it on a formal or casual table. For me, it’s the original oven-to-tableware!”


Today, Pillivuyt remains in the town of Mehun-sur-Yevre, which has been home to its factory for nearly two centuries. Happy anniversary to a family company with elegance and class.

See the full Pillivuyt collection here.

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