3 Pros Share Their Favorite Drinks for the Ultimate Thanksgiving

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While it’s the turkey, stuffing, and pie that gets the most attention at Thanksgiving, getting the drinks just right elevates a good Thanksgiving meal to the ultimate Thanksgiving meal. Are we right? We reached out to the founders of the Hudson Valley-based Kingston Wine Co., Coppersea Bourbon, and Arrowood Farms, a hops and grains farm and brewery, to get their top picks to serve this Thanksgiving.

Blake Arrowood, Co-Founder of Arrowood Farms

An Old-Fashioned with Coppersea’s Excelsior Bourbon

Made with 100% ingredients from New York, featuring polenta, bread toast, and black pepper notes from the high rye content, there are also robust notes of vanilla, almonds, and cedar.

Camille Riviere Selections Wine – 2016 Clos Fantine Faugeres Cuvee Tradition

A natural wine from a small family farm in France led by two sisters and a brother, this juicy yet structured wine pairs well with the salty, savory flavors of a traditional Thanksgiving meal.

Black Sheep American Brown Ale from Arrowood Farms

With a full body and a lightly hopped character, this beer is made with New York black patent malts featuring roasted coffee and chocolate notes, ending with a smooth and slightly sweet finish, making it a perfect pairing with a hearty Thanksgiving meal.

    Michael Drapkin, Owner of Kingston Wine Co.

    Eminence Road Farm Winery Riesling

    Dry or fruity Riesling’s from the Finger Lakes Region of NY or the steep slopes of the Mosel, Germany would be a great fit for the holiday table. Riesling which is known for its fresh acidity and delicacy is a versatile partner at the thanksgiving table which is host to many different textures and flavors.

    Broc Cellars Valdigiué

    A little know grape variety from France, which is showing great potential in California when made with care on a small scale, valdigiué yields light to medium-bodied red wines and have similar qualities to the juicy reds of Beaujolais. Serve it with a bit of a chill.

    Petillant-Naturel from Kumpf et Meyer Restons Nature Pétillant Naturel 

    Kicking off holiday festivities with sparkling wine is an absolute must. An old style of sparkling wine which we adore is ” Petillant-Naturel” or naturally sparkling. It’s light, unfiltered, fresh, and ideal way to inspire the appetite and lubricate conversation.

    Christopher Williams, Owner of Coppersea Bourbon

    Coppersea Distilling’s Bonticou Crag Straight Malt Rye Whisky

    This is our version of New York State’s own whisky style, called Empire Rye. Our expression is made with 100% floor malted Hudson Valley rye. It is full of big nutmeg and cinnamon notes layered in with black and dried fruit notes like prune and fig. It finishes like toasted gram crackers. Very autumnal.

    Newburgh Brewing’s GigaBoss Double IPA

    This is a lush double IPA with a combination of English and American hops. When it comes to beer, I am a fan of perfect execution of a given style than extravagant experimentation. Brewer Chris Basso nails it consistently with GigaBoss.

    Fjord Vineyard’s 2014 Cabernet Franc

    The wineries of the Hudson Valley have staked a claim to cab franc and Fjord is leading the charge. Gorgeous wildflower nose mingling with dark fruit and baking spice. Rich flavors of raspberry and dark chocolate with nice acidity.

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