5 New Ways with Game Day Chili

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When it comes to planning the food for a certain big February sporting event, chili always fits the bill. An easy, one-pot meal, the savory, warm, hearty bowl is sure to satisfy any crowd. Pick one of these top-rated recipes (or make ’em all, if you feel so inclined), then set out a wide array of garnishes (think tater tots, corn bread, lime crema, scallions, different cheeses and more!), and let family and friends load up on their favorites before kickoff.


Texas Beef Chili


Most Lone Star chili masters shun beans and tomatoes. To them, chili is all about meat—beef only—and the chile seasoning. Still, if you want to top your bowl with a little sour cream and cheddar, we won’t tell.

Turkey Poblano Chili


Ground turkey gives this chili a leaner texture, but bold seasonings ensure delicious results. Bonus: the recipe is simple to prepare, requiring minimal ingredients.

Smoky Beef Chili with Tortilla Chip Crust


For a Mexican theme, skip the corn bread and top your chili with a broiled cheese and tortilla chip crust. This slow-cooked chili gains a distinctly mesquite flavor from The Smoking Gun.

White Chili


Great Northern beans and grilled chicken breast slices make this dish a satisfying but healthy one. And according to customers, it’s even better the day after, so make enough for leftovers.

Game Day Chili


You can make this beef and sweet potato chili a day or two in advance, and then reheat it just before kickoff. The secret ingredient? A splash of tequila. 

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