Kick off Game Night with a Big Bowl of Chili

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Game Day Chili Recipes

Nothing goes better with Thursday night’s football game than a big pot of chili. From “white” (tomato-free) turkey chili to the classic Texas beef chili, we’ve got something for everyone—vegetarians included! Here are six of our favorite variations on the fall classic.


Texas Beef Chili


Lone Star chili masters shun beans and tomatoes in favor of an all-meat chili con carne. Like so many dishes in Texas, this chili is all about the beef.

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chili


Even fervent meat eaters will appreciate this hearty, satisfying sweet potato and black bean chili.

Turkey and White Bean Chili


Instead of using a tomato-based sauce and red meat, white chili calls or using white beans and turkey or chicken meat. This creamy one-pot version, which is redolent of cumin, green chiles and an underutilized herb, marjoram, is easy enough to pull off on any weeknight.



Mole-Style Chili with Black Beans and Andouille


Here, spicy andouille sausage stands in for beef (but you can also omit it for a vegetarian option).

Turkey, Two-Bean and Sweet Potato Chili
Lean ground turkey, beans and sweet potatoes—this dish is loaded with nutritious ingredients. Expect plenty of flavor without the added fat.
Chipotle-Spiced Buffalo Chili


This chili is deeply flavored with smoky chiles and fragrant ground spices.


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