Giada’s 7 Fishes Menu

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Chef, best-selling cookbook author, and Emmy Award-winning TV show host Giada De Laurentiis was born in Rome and learned the secrets to Italian cooking from her grandfather (or, as Giada says, “my Nonno”). So it’s no surprise that come Christmas, she’s bringing some cherished Italian holiday traditions stateside. This year, she’ll be serving up an Italian Christmas Eve at her restaurant, Giada, in Las Vegas (details here) but as usual, she doesn’t keep her cooking secrets to herself.

“One of the most old-school Italian Christmas traditions is the Feast of the Seven Fishes, a Christmas Eve celebration that incorporates seven different kinds of seafood into one massive meal,” says Giada. “If you’ve never made one, it can seem intimidating, but I have an easy rule of thumb to simplify the cooking process. One baked (for me, that’s a beautiful side of salmon to roast in the oven), one on the stovetop (a classic spaghetti alla vongole), and one already made (a smoked fish crostini).”


If you can’t make it to Vegas, here are 3 ways to incorporate the tradition at home, whether you’re serving them all together or solo:

Giada Feast of 7 Fishes - Smoked Fish Crostini

Smoked Fish Crostini


Rather than make every fish dish from scratch, Giada suggests turning to prepared smoked fish for an elegant but easy addition to your Christmas Eve menu. Here, toasted crostini is topped with flaked white fish, dill and crème fraiche.


Giada Feast of 7 Fishes - Spaghetti with Clams

Spaghetti with Clams


Spaghetti alla vongole (i.e. clams) is about as classic as they come, which makes it a great choice for a holiday menu. It’s comforting and familiar, but not something most people make for themselves often. Bonus: it’s easy to prepare.


Giada Feast of 7 Fishes - Slow Roasted Salmon

Slow Roasted Salmon


Salmon is always a crowd-pleaser, but when done wrong it can end up dry. Giada solves that problem by slow roasting a large salmon filet of even thickness so it retains its moisture and develops great flavor.


Head here to get all your supplies and more inspiration for your holiday feast. 

8 comments about “Giada’s 7 Fishes Menu

  1. Annie Slocum

    Why would you post this Giada’s Seven Fishes Menu and only give one recipe?? The clam and linguini is not available and neither is the baked salmon.

  2. A Ley

    I totally agree with Annie. So really, what was the point of this post? In addition, as an Italian-American myself, I can tell you that by no means is this a “menu.” Any real Christmas Eve menu would include a lot more than three items! And even with just these three items, two of the three are unavailable! I was looking for something new to possibly include on my menu, but alas… Very disappointing.

  3. Connie

    Clicking on the name or picture of the recipe doesn’t work for me either! Frustrating! Was this just advertising for her restaurant?

  4. Ricardo Luna

    The links work fine. I’ll try the spaghetti this weekend.
    Thanks a lot!! (I love your show by the way!)

  5. mmw7060a

    Okay, so I tried the recipe links, and they worked fine, but I am confused about the title of the article. It’s supposed to be a menu of 7 fishes, but yet there’s only 3 types of fish/seafood shown? Very disappointing article.

  6. Tina B.

    I was also surprised to see the limited amount of recipes since it was supposed to be about the 7-Fishes celebration. I guess the title should have been “What Is the 7-Fishes Celebration? Whet Your Appetite With a Few Recipes From Giatta.” In fact, this is the THIRD article I’ve found which claimed to be all about the celebration with recipes…and I only found 2 or 3 actual seafood recipes, along with an equal amount of dessert recipes. Odd. I’m not of Italian heritage, but this is a celebration I’ve wanted to know more about, therefore I’m disappointed. And why can I no longer Pin Williams-Sonoma to Pinterest? It used to not be an issue. Each time I try, I’m told the link is being blocked because it may lead to spam.


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