8 Romantic Breakfast Ideas for Valentine’s Day

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Romantic Breakfast Ideas

This Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday. If you’re not beholden to declaring your undying love on Feb. 14, consider making the gesture a few days early instead: Block off the calendar this coming Saturday or Sunday morning, sleep in, and whip up an intimate breakfast at home with one of these eight thoughtful breakfast recipes.


Almond-Crusted French Toast with Berries

There’s something inherently romantic about being on the receiving end of a plate of custardy, pain perdu-style French toast that’s topped with crunchy almonds, fresh raspberries and fragrant orange zest.


Breakfast Bowl with Fresh Fruit and Granola


You can still get on the romantic breakfast bandwagon even if you’ve committed to healthful eating. This blush-hued breakfast bowl couldn’t be more Valentine’s appropriate; it’s topped with built-in edible hearts, also known as sliced strawberries.




Crepes Suzette


In Paris, crepes suzette are standard dessert fare, but they make for a sweet start to the day, too—especially when served in bed. They also boast a dramatic backstory: Legend has it that the crepes were accidentally created by a young waiter who was serving the Prince of Wales, and then named after the prince’s companion, Suzette.

Eggs-BennyEggs Benny


There are few terms that bring a smile to the face faster than the phrase “eggs benny.” It’s easy to see why: Who could frown upon crispy toasted English muffins are piled with thinly sliced, salty ham, topped with a plump poached egg, and drizzled with lemony hollandaise sauce? This take on the iconic dish features prosciutto and hollandaise made in a blender, which takes less time than making it by hand.

Havana-Style Eggs


Go for the dreamy, rustic weekend breakfast vibe by serving ramekins filled with runny baked eggs nestled in a thick, savory sauce of peppers, tomatoes and a heady drizzle of sherry, a specialty of Cuba’s capital, Havana.


Buttermilk Pancakes with Berry Compote


Flapjacks are a classic, and particularly holiday-appropriate if you top them with a compote made with seasonal red fruit (anything from cranberries to strawberry-rhubarb will work). Feeling extra ambitious? Get your hands on a pancake pen so you can pen personalized messages and love notes. 


Sticky-Sweet Pecan Caramel Rolls


Nothing demonstrates sweetness more than a warm, generously-sized, extra-gooey sticky bun. This one is topped with caramel sauce and salted pecans. As a word of caution, you’ll probably want to serve this one on a big plate with a fork and knife, as it’ll likely be a delicious mess. It’s perfect with a steaming mug of coffee, though.


Raised Waffles with Strawberry-Rhubarb Compote


For the ultimate in make-ahead breakfast in bed, turn to waffles. The batter for these yeast-leavened beauties can be quickly mixed the night before serving so they’re ready to pour into the waffle iron first thing in the morning. The compote can also be made up to 2 days in advance and refrigerated. 


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