Weekend Entertaining: Game Day Celebration


This weekend, invite friends over to cheer for their favorite team as the New York Giants take on the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl.


Keep it casual by setting out the spread on a coffee table, so guests can help themselves throughout the game. Serve dishes that can be largely prepared in advance, so no one has to miss the kickoff, and be sure to keep beers cold (and easily accessible!).


Weeknight Indoor Ribs
Ribs don’t get much easier—or tastier—than these, thanks to our time-saving starter and a little slow cooker magic. Pile them high on a single platter with a pair of tongs for easy serving.
Basic Corn Bread
Simple corn bread is easy to bake ahead, and it pairs beautifully with barbecue-style dishes. Cut it into squares and stack on a rustic cutting board to keep the presentation relaxed.
Brownies make a perfect ending to any family style meal — and almost everyone loves chocolate. Bake them ahead as you would with the corn bread, then serve with a scoop of ice cream, if you like.
Black and Tan
Keep fans happy by pouring pint glasses of black and tan—the British pub drink that pairs a layer of stout with pale ale. If you prefer a standard brew, chill bottles in an ice bucket next to the TV so you won’t miss a minute of the game — or the commercials.

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