Weekly Wrap-Up (1/1-1/7)

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In case you missed them, we’ve compiled our favorite blog posts of the week all in one place so you can read, get inspired — and cook!


5 Seasonal Main Courses
Though summer produce may be more colorful, the winter months bring heartier vegetables to center stage, such as hard squashes and cabbages. Put fresh finds to good use by preparing one of these entrees, each starring a different seasonal ingredient.
How to Cook Whole Grains in a Rice Cooker
Although the rice cooker makes perfect white rice, it can also be used to make whole grains just as easily. Learn now — and try this recipe for Quinoa Mushroom Pilaf, a no-fuss side dish for dinner.
Time to Reboot!
Hop on the juicing train with our cooks in the Williams-Sonoma Test Kitchen, who have been trying out endless juice combinations over the past few months.
Joe Cross’ Story & the Power of Juice
The man behind Reboot Your Life and Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead explains how he overhauled his lifestyle by juicing fruits and vegetables. Read his story and get started!
5 Ways to Eat More Kale
Robust in flavor and high in nutrients, kale is a welcome addition to the winter kitchen. To incorporate more kale into your diet, try one of the following methods and recipes, each of which showcases the hearty leaves in a unique light.
Recipe Spotlight: Layered Chicken 3-Cheese Enchiladas
Almost everyone loves enchiladas, but they can be a little time-consuming to prepare one at a time. That’s why the Williams-Sonoma Test Kitchen developed this recipe forLayered Chicken Three-Cheese Enchiladas, a casserole-style dish that’s deceptively easy to pull off.
Why We Cook: Grandma’s White Bread
Read how one contributor makes time to bake bread for his family every week: “I love knowing that the sandwiches and toast that my kids eat every day comes from something that I created.”
Quick & Easy One-Pot Suppers
Save prep time and dishwasher space with meals cooked in one pot, from start to finish. These recipes require minimal prep and cooking time, so they come together in less than an hour.

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