7 Halloween Baking Ideas from Our Instagram Fans

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Any fan of Halloween doesn’t want to let it slip by without celebrating it, whether’s it’s throwing the best party on the block, excellent treats for trick-or-treaters, or a killer costume. We’re finding ourselves pretty darn spooked by the concoctions these folks dreamt up, from a “Death Eater Negroni” to more kid-friendly red velvet skull cakes.


No matter your Halloween obsession, here are a few great ideas so you can get inspired—and get creepy.

1. Red Velvet Skull Cakes

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‘Grammer @shoresociety put our mini skull cake pans to genius use with these creepy little numbers that would be just as ideal on Día de los Muertos. She used simple boxed red velvet cake (though you could easily whip up a batch of your own) and an easy buttercream to divine effect.


2. “Rosemary, Baby” Skull Punch 

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Who doesn’t love a cleverly named punch? This knockout skull punch bowl is employed to epic effect by @bradly_223, who combined bourbon, rosemary and citrus for a punch so tasty party attendees were tipping over the skull to get to the last drops.

3. Chicken Pot Pie in a Pumpkin Bowl


For pure autumnal pleasure, it’s tough to beat this gorgeous chicken “pot pie” in a white Staub cocotte. ‘Grammer @wrytoasteats is responsible for this beauty, which she garnished with cookie cutter pie-crust “dunkers.” Her recipe includes plenty of veggies, plus pancetta for an extra hit of warming flavor.


4. “Death Eater” Negronis


Self-proclaimed Harry Potter obsessive Tieghan Gerard designed these negronis, adding a splash of pomegranate juice and a bit of activated charcoal for color. She likes the sweeter version of the classic drink, and boy, does it look intimidating in our Skull Double Old Fashioned Glasses.


5. Pumpkin Marshmallows and Pumpkin Butter


If you really love all things pumpkin, why not give yourself a double whammy of it? So thought @amanda.blushblog, who made smart use of our pumpkin-shaped marshmallows and dreamy caramel pumpkin butter to take the edge off a rough morning.


6. Corn-Cheese Skull Bread

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No need to restrict yourself to cake when it comes to our creeptastic skull cake pans. @Lazy_tyko made this evil bread packed with steamed corn and cheese. She served it with small bowls of tomato soup so her under-the-weather daughter would have something warming. We love the idea of breaking off pieces of this to dunk.


7. Pumpkin Hand Pies


These pumpkin hand pies that @spinachtiger invented are just too cute. With a filling of cream cheese, a hint of brown sugar, and pumpkin puree and a basic gluten-free pie dough, they’re easy, to boot. She imprinted her little pies using our silicone cookie stamps, and they look like they’re just bursting with seasonal flavors.

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