Thanksgiving Countdown: Make Room in Your Fridge and Freezer

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In charge of hosting the big feast this Thanksgiving? If so, start planning now, and you’ll thank yourself later (we promise!). Along with securing RSVPs, pre-ordering a turkey and taking a tally of guests’ dietary restrictions, do yourself another big favor: Clear out your refrigerator and your freezer to make space for the bird and its many trimmings.


Do yourself a big favor: Clear out your fridge and freezer to make space now.


Given that most turkeys range in weight from 10 to 22 pounds, you’re going to need to make room in the fridge for the big bird if you plan to defrost it (even more so if you need to submerge it in a brine). But this isn’t just useful a day or two before the main event: Use it to your advantage and make stock, soup and cranberry sauce in advance, then freeze. Pies and other Thanksgiving desserts, like tarts and galettes, also freeze well: simply make the dough ahead of time, freeze, and defrost before filling and baking.


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