Behind the Scenes at the Peppermint Bark Factory

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In honor of our 20th year making the original Peppermint Bark, we took a trip to the Peppermint Bark Factory to see exactly how the iconic, fan-favorite candy is made. Nestled in the Dogpatch section of San Francisco, California, not far from the Williams Sonoma Headquarters, is where the candy comes to life. Special care and attention goes into each batch of Peppermint Bark.


A full 24 hours to make each individual batch. Due to its popularity, we spend 12 weeks every year making Peppermint Bark for the holidays.


Freshly stacked bars of Peppermint Bark

1 Million Pounds of Guittard Chocolate is used each season making Peppermint Bark.

Guittard Chocolate has been made in northern California since 1868.

The chocolate is slowly melted (tempered) so that it can be smoothed out in thin bars, with both white chocolate and dark chocolate layered on top of each other.

The layering process is manual with each layer carefully rolled out so that it’s smooth, even, and just the right amount of thickness. And the recipe? It’s a top-secret formula.

Peppermint bits are hand tossed over the sheets of bars.

Workers use a special technique to scatter the peppermint bits onto each sheet, being careful that it is evenly and generously coated.

Once the sheets are cooled, then they’re cut into bars.

Once they’re cooled and cut, Peppermint Bark is packaged in our red, white, and black tins and ready to be shipped off to our loyal customers!

But before they do, we snagged an extra fresh square of Peppermint Bark to enjoy while on tour.

Check out our seasonal selection of Peppermint Bark and for a chance to win up to $1,000 in every tin!

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